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SKIZERØ® is applied above the toe-pieces of a pair of skis, first inserting the SKI PROTECTOR TAB between them. After tightening SKIZERØ® with the special SKI STRAP with anti-slip inserts, it remains perfectly secured to the skis at the application point.

After looping the wrist straps of the ski poles round the tip of one of the skis, the POLE STRAP is opened to allow the poles to be fixed to the pair of skis with a Velcro fastening.

At this point, after pulling out the retractable strap from the SKIZERØ® case, the skier can carry the skis slung over their shoulder, just like a normal bag. They can then walk comfortably and easily, with their hands free, and confident that neither skis nor ski poles will hamper their movements. In fact, thanks to SKIZERØ®, once the skis are slung over the shoulder they hang outwards at a slight angle of between 15° and 18°, preventing the ski tails and poles from bumping against the skier's legs.

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